Homesick For Tomato Soup (Recipe)

17 Sep Homemade tomato soup and cheese toasties. Delish!

The air is cool and crisp, the sky darkens a wee bit earlier, the trees are starting to show a tinge of color and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is blowing up my news feed. My favorite time of year has arrived in South Korea: IT’S FALL, PEOPLE!!

It rained all day today, but that didn’t keep us inside. This morning Chris and I strapped our dog Clark into his Chicago Bears sweater and walked to the grocery store so that we could buy ingredients for cheese toasties and tomato soup. It’s the ultimate comfort food on chilly, drizzly days like today: gooey melted cheese between two slices of toasted bread dipped in a bowl of bright, tangy tomato soup. YUM! Continue reading

The Gun (Free?) Culture of South Korea

8 Sep 20150701_203033

The last five years have been witness to several mass-casualty or high-profile shootings in the United States. Since I first moved to South Korea in 2012, I’ve read most of the headlines from abroad: 12 killed in a movie theater in Colorado, 27 killed in an elementary school in Connecticut, 12 killed in the Washington Navy Yard in our country’s capital, nine killed in a church in South Carolina and, only weeks ago, two young journalist killed on air.

Gun control is a touchy subject for Americans, and it’s something I often contemplate. My husband, Chris, and I have argued debated the issue at length, circling it so many times that I don’t know where we stand. Thankfully, today I won’t be wading into the murky depths that is gun politics in the United States. Instead, I’m going to talk about the presence of guns in South Korea. Continue reading

han:sang: Bulgogi on Hash Browns and Other Fusion Food Curiosities

5 Sep 1441382863884

Fusion cuisine has been a trend in Korea long before I first moved here in 2012. Flavors from around the world have found a welcome home in downtown Daegu — Italian pizza and pasta, Japanese sushi, British fish and chips, Turkish kebabs, Indian curries, American burgers and more. I would dare say that Continue reading

Souvenir Guide: 10 Traditional and Unique Gifts to Buy in Korea

30 Aug 20150830_145937

Whether you’ve lived in Korea for five years or you’re visiting for five days, shopping for souvenirs in Daegu can be a challenge. Unlike Seoul, where entire streets like Insadong are lined with shops selling traditional handicrafts, Daegu’s souvenir shops are far less conspicuous.

If you’re heading home soon or looking for a little piece of Korea to send home in a care package, spare yourself from picking up an overpriced refrigerator magnet or key chain from the airport. Here are 10 traditional and unique gifts to remember your time in Korea. Continue reading

How to Order Food Using the Yogiyo App

27 Aug Screenshot_2015-08-24-23-50-48

Koreans have got food delivery down to a fine art. Order a bowl of kimchi jjigae, and it will arrive piping hot alongside a serving of rice and an array of side dishes. All of this deliciousness is served in real Continue reading


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