Midnight Run

23 Apr

I’m not really in the mood to write, but I said I would try my best to post at least once a week so here goes.

As far as work goes, my second week of teaching went SO much better than my first. During my first week, there was one class of fifth graders in particular that really through me through a loop. I mean I had to shake the urge to cry after that class. Now they’re one of my favorite groups of students. Weird, huh? I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my students:)

HOWEVER, things have been a little crazy at our hagwon. Brad, the other American teacher, quit. He dropped his key off at the school and just didn’t show up for work on Monday. I was really surprised. He had only been there for a month and a half and seemed to really like the job. He lived in my building and when we walked home together last Friday he gave no indication of his plans.

My school’s manager said Brad won’t be able to leave the country, so his status is “missing.” You see, the school pays for our plane tickets, but if we quit or get fired before six months of employment, we owe the school that money. Also, he probably owes debts on his rent and utilities. Yikes.

Brad’s replacement starts tomorrow, and I’m excited to meet her. All I know is that she’s Canadian.

So that brings me to the weekend. Again, a pretty relaxed couple of days. I’m on a tight budget until I get my first paycheck (about two more weeks) so I can’t really go out to the bars or travel on my days off. I did go to a couple bars on Friday. I just needed some social interaction… or so I thought. Besides Brad, I haven’t really come into contact with many other foreigners since I’ve been here. I met some friendly Korean girls at the first bar I went to. They shared their birthday cake with me, but I didn’t stay for long. I’m painfully introverted and being out alone just didn’t feel natural.

It rained all day on Saturday. I watched A LOT of TV on my laptop lol. I did venture out in the rain to get some food and take some pictures.

Today my co-worker Gina and I were supposed to go hiking but since it’s still really wet we decided to get dinner instead. She took me to a very traditional Korean restaurant. We had soup and rice and fish with lots of side dishes or pan chan. It was really good! However, I was really embarrassed because Gina had to ask the waitress for a fork because I still don’t know how to eat with Korean chopsticks (I mostly eat at home with a fork). They are metal and flat and feel heavy and slippery in my hands. Anyway afterwards we went out for coffee.

Goals this week: learn how to read Korean and learn how to use Korean chopsticks!

Here are some pictures from this week:


See that big pink sign across the river? That’s the building I work in!Image

Sweet stepping stone bridge


View of the mountains from the stepping stone bridge


My lovely co-workers (they look really serious in this picture!)


People waiting to cross the street at an intersection near my apartment


Downtown Daegu (about three blocks from my apartment)


Yummy salty fish


One Response to “Midnight Run”

  1. Jessica April 26, 2012 at 6:14 am #

    How’s the learning to use chopsticks coming along? Glad to see you’re having a good time so far!

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