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Adjusting to Life in Korea

24 Jun

It’s early Sunday morning, and I should be sleeping in, not writing a post. But I can’t sleep, so here we go.

This work week pretty much rocked. Even Wednesday was okay, when several mothers and the hagwon director sat in on my class. Later that day, I found out that they left comments about the class. I held my breath while Gina translated them for me. Turns out none of them were negative! They all basically said that they think their students enjoy the class and one of the mothers said that her son (who is a sweet kid, but a total troublemaker) particularly enjoys class with me:) I enjoy and appreciate my students, and it’s nice to be reminded that the feeling is mutual. I just had a lot of fun with them this week. Continue reading

Navigating the language barrier

20 Jun

Today is Wednesday. The weather is “so, so.” Ahh… I can’t wait for the weekend.

Monday was a pretty good day. I woke up and went downtown to get coffee and a little treat for Rachelle’s birthday. I think people make too much of language differences. If you push the “I don’t know Korean, English, etc.” thought out of your head and just shut up and listen or watch or use common sense, you can usually understand meaning even though you don’t understand the language. Sometimes I forget the last bit of advice. Continue reading

Food that plays with you

17 Jun

Just got home from Busan. I’m sunburned, tired and a little smelly, but I want to write about our trip before I take a shower and get into bed.

It feels like I’ve been gone for a long time, but we left for Busan on Saturday morning. The weather leading up to our trip had been dreary — cloudy, rainy, and cold but humid. But we were blessed with beautiful weather during our stay.

Our hotel was on Songjeong Beach, up the coast from the more crowded Haeundae Beach. Since it’s “not really summer yet,” the crowds weren’t bad at all. Continue reading

Shopping in Korea

13 Jun

I have an unusually long break today, so I’m writing from work:)

Last week, we only had to work four days because Wednesday was Korea’s Memorial Day. Instead of work, Rachelle and I met Gina and went to the Daegu Art Museum, which was really interesting. One of the exhibits was on Korean traditions. Nothing was in English, but Gina explained the significance of each drawing and painting.

We got paid last Thursday. It was my first “full” check, but I had so many overdue bills and other debts (my student loan repayment started this month too), I’m still poor lol. But I have enough to eat and have a little fun:) Continue reading

Visiting My Old College Roommate

4 Jun

Hello, family and friends! I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded lately! I’m going to start trying to writing shorter posts a couple times a week.

Things here have been fantastic. Last weekend, Rachelle and I traveled to Incheon and Seoul to visit Mil-Al. It was a nearly five hour bus ride from Daegu to Incheon, but I can’t complain. The bus was air conditioned and we had tons of leg room and the scenery was nice. We even made a 15-minute pit stop at a “rest area” in the mountains. Continue reading