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A gloomy day on the tiger’s tail

15 Apr

All last week I looked forward to a weekend trip to the beach. The weather had been beautiful, and I wanted to enjoy it somewhere I could smell the sea and hear the waves. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worst, and it was chilly and rainy by the time Jin-ah and I left Daegu on Saturday morning.

We set off for the seaside towns of Homigot and Guryongpo near Pohang. If the Korean peninsula is the shape of a tiger, Homigot is its tail.


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Photo Walk: Yeungnam University Campus

9 Apr

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with a few other photographers from the Daegu Photography Club to take photos around Yeungnam University campus. It was my first time connecting with the group, and I really enjoyed spending the afternoon snapping away and talking photography. Saturday was one of the last days to really enjoy the cherry blossoms, so there were hoards of people taking snapshots, having picnics, flying kites and just enjoying the beautiful weather. Continue reading

“A city is a storybook”

4 Apr

I just wrapped up my second article for the Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau, so I thought it would be a good time to share some of the work I’m doing for them. I have been commissioned to write two press releases a month, including photos, on topics provided by the CVB’s brand strategy team. They then send the articles to trade publications that specialize in convention destinations. *Yawn break* I’ve never done this sort of promotional work, so I’m sort of figuring it out as I go along!

My most recent article was about Daegu’s Alley Tour, a series of five self-guided walking tours. Tourism is actually a relatively new industry in Daegu; it’s more well known for its industrial image. I didn’t realize this before, but the Alley Tour has been around for less than a decade. While I was writing this article, I had the opportunity to interview Kwon Sang-Gu, the community designer who spearheaded the project. It was my first interpreter-facilitated cross-language interview! That sounds more official than what it was: four of us sipping coffee and chatting in his studio. Continue reading