How to Order Food Using the Yogiyo App

27 Aug

Koreans have got food delivery down to a fine art. Order a bowl of kimchi jjigae, and it will arrive piping hot alongside a serving of rice and an array of side dishes. All of this deliciousness is served in real flatware and the dirty dishes are picked up after your meal!

In the mood for a picnic? Chimac restaurants around Duryu Park in Daegu offer picnic-side delivery, so that you can enjoy chicken and beer at the park. They might even throw in a free picnic mat!

Even McDonald’s delivers in Korea!

If you live in here, you’ve probably found countless delivery menus tucked into your mailbox or stuck to your door. Don’t feel comfortable speaking Korean on the phone? Have no fear; there’s an app for that! If you can read Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and have a smartphone, you can order food in Korea!

I’m going to walk you through how to order food using Yogiyo, the Korean app for ordering pizza, chicken, sushi and more! Click play or keep scrolling to read step-by-step instructions. I included a section on words you might encounter if you order chicken.

1. Decide what you want to nom on

This is Yogiyo’s home page. Tap the GPS icon to load restaurants in your area. Then select the kind of restaurant you would like (치킨 chicken, 피자 pizza, 중국집 Chinese food, etc.). I want chicken!


2. Pick a restaurant

This page lists the chicken restaurants in my area. Notice the time and delivery minimum. I’m going to select 땅땅치킨.


3. Tap the menu section you would like to open

This page lists the menu. Notice that each section has a drop down menu. I’m going to tap the 후라이드 메뉴 (fried menu).


4. Select a menu item

I’m going to select 핫홀릭치킨 (hot-holic chicken).


5. Would you like fries with that?

After selecting an item, an “additional options” window might pop up asking what size or flavor you would like. It might ask if you want to add the cheese crust if you’re ordering pizza or extra noodles if you’re ordering jjimdak. Here, it asks if I’d like to add a bottle of cola. I said sure.


6. Repeat Steps 3-5

I also order 별남감자 (crazy potatoes). When you’re ready, tap the shopping cart. It’s time to check out.


7. Review your order and select “주문 하기” (order)


8. Enter your address in Hangul, phone number and check the three “terms and conditions” boxes*


9. Select payment preference

Most places accept card and cash. You don’t have to enter any of your credit card information on the app. The delivery driver will bring a card swipe machine.


10. Submit your order by selecting “주문 완료” and wait for a text message

That’s it! After a minute or two, you’ll receive a text message confirming your order and giving you an estimated delivery time.



*Our apartment is not easy to see from the street (we live above a motor bike shop). Usually the delivery driver has no problem finding our place, but sometimes he gets lost and calls and we have to go downstairs and flag him down. If you live in an obscure location, I recommend providing details about surrounding landmarks in the “order request” box under where you enter your address.


오븐구이치킨               Oven roasted chicken

후라이드치킨               Fried chicken

양념치킨                      Fried chicken in a sweet, spicy, sticky red sauce

허브치킨                      Herb chicken

간장치킨                      Fried chicken in a soy-sauce based sauce

순살치킨                      Boneless chicken

반반치킨                      Half-half chicken (for example: 양념치킨 + 간장치킨)


I hope this Yogiyo how-to was helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have you used Yogiyo? What did you think?

P.S. Ready to call in your order? The Daegu Compass has a great guide on how to order delivery by phone.


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