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Long time, no see

22 Mar


I’ve been back in the United States for about five months now, and I get this question on what seems like a weekly basis: Do you miss Korea?

Well, duh. I lived there for three and a half years. Of course I miss it! I miss the food, I miss the random little adventures, I miss my students and most of all, I miss my friends in Korea!

That’s why I’m very excited to be heading to NYC this weekend to meet up with my pal Huiyeong! (I haven’t planned a thing, so if you have suggestions for things to do, please comment below!)

So what have we been up to? While I miss my life in Korea, it’s really, really good to be home.

Chris and I moved into my dad’s house in Fort Wayne, Ind. It’s a big, old house near downtown, and I love it. My grandparents raised my dad here, and I grew up here too. I’m not sure how long we’ll stay, but for now it feels like home.

Chris plans to graduate this summer with a degree in criminal justice, and I’m working as a reporter for a weekly newspaper.

It’s good to be back in the newsroom. I was actually really worried about finding a journalism job because of the “travel gap” in my resume, but the stars aligned, and I landed an interview just three days after I returned!

That being said, going from getting in front of a class every day to interviewing strangers and making myself sit down and write three or four stories each week has taken my brain some time to adjust.

I feel like I’m ready to start blogging again. While TNF will live on — I will likely continue to post on here as I organize three and a half years of photography from my time abroad — I’m thinking about starting a new blog to document this next chapter in our lives.

We want to share all the fun things there are to do — and eat — around here. Adventures are still to be had, so please stay tuned.