Happy Friday!

29 Jul

What are you guys up to this weekend? I have to teach a couple classes, but I’m looking forward to a little fun and relaxation after a busy and very hot and humid week. There are a couple movies we’d like to see, and on Sunday, we’re going to Suseong Lake to celebrate a friend’s birthday over burgers and beer. I will also very likely spend a great deal of time holed up in our air-conditioned bedroom eating ice cream and reading this page turner. 🙂

Here are a few things to help you unwind and stay cool this weekend. Continue reading

The Unofficial Guide to the 2016 Daegu Chimac Festival

28 Jul

The 2016 Daegu Chimac Festival kicked off Wednesday night at Duryu Park and continues throughout the weekend. Despite the July heat, festival-goers filled Duryu Ballpark for the opening ceremony of the five-day celebration which featured K-pop performances.

What is Chimac?

Daegu has a reputation in South Korea for its notoriously hot summers, but these days its claim to fame seems to be chicken and beer. Continue reading

9 Helpful Apps to Download in South Korea

26 Jul

So you’re packing your bags for South Korea. Passport? Check. Travel adapter? Check. Deodorant? Double check. Smartphone apps? You’ve come to the right place!

In recent years, I’ve made it a point to research helpful apps whenever I’m preparing for a trip. Downloading them ahead of time is so much less stressful than frantically looking for WiFi after you arrive. Here are nine apps that I use on a regular basis. Whether you’re traveling to South Korea for a year-long stay or doing a fly-by weekend in Seoul, I hope this list comes in handy! Continue reading

How to make deli-style dill pickles in your refrigerator

25 Jul

love pickles. There’s nothing like biting into a crunchy, briny spear with your sandwich or burger. Since I moved to South Korea, I’ve missed these deli-style dill pickles.

I’ve got nothing against Korean pickles but they’re a completely different flavor profile. Korean pickles Continue reading

Happy Friday!

23 Jul

What are you guys up to this weekend? A magazine that I volunteer for is throwing a volunteer appreciation party at a new upscale restaurant in Daegu. We’re looking forward to good company, free drinks and all the finger foods. 🙂

This post is the first in a new little series that I plan on sharing on Friday to send you into the weekend, a short list of fun or thought-provoking tidbits that made my week a little more interesting. Here we go! Continue reading