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Korea’s past and present mingle at Mu-A

20 Sep

Jong-ro, the neighborhood located northwest of Banwoldang Subway Station in downtown Daegu, is an interesting intersection of old and new. The buildings are older and the streets are quieter, removed from the blaring music, cell phone shops and cosmetic stores of Dongseong-ro. The area is home to an Oriental medicine market dating back to the Joseon dynasty and shops selling traditional Korean rice cakes as well as ultramodern department stores, cafes and Japanese restaurants frequented by young patrons.

A few blocks north of Donga Department Store is Mu-A, a hansik restaurant and dessert café that reflects Jong-ro’s unique feel. Mu-A’s design is undeniably modern, but its source of influence is unmistakably rooted in tradition. Continue reading

han:sang: Bulgogi on Hash Browns and Other Fusion Food Curiosities

5 Sep

Fusion cuisine has been a trend in Korea long before I first moved here in 2012. Flavors from around the world have found a welcome home in downtown Daegu — Italian pizza and pasta, Japanese sushi, British fish and chips, Turkish kebabs, Indian curries, American burgers and more. I would dare say that Continue reading

Souvenir Guide: 10 Traditional and Unique Gifts to Buy in Korea

30 Aug

Whether you’ve lived in Korea for five years or you’re visiting for five days, shopping for souvenirs in Daegu can be a challenge. Unlike Seoul, where entire streets like Insadong are lined with shops selling traditional handicrafts, Daegu’s souvenir shops are far less conspicuous.

If you’re heading home soon or looking for a little piece of Korea to send home in a care package, spare yourself from picking up an overpriced refrigerator magnet or key chain from the airport. Here are 10 traditional and unique gifts to remember your time in Korea. Continue reading

Red Kimchi, White Rice: Simplicity at Its Best

10 Aug

I’m a big fan of simple things done well, so I appreciate that many Korean restaurants pride themselves on a single dish. One of my favorite restaurants in Daegu perfectly embodies this sentiment. Tucked along a nondescript alley, 빨간김치 하얀쌀밥 specializes in three things: rice, kimchi and pork. Continue reading

3 Korean foods for beating the heat

4 Aug

Korean summers are brutal, and this week has been no exception. Today is the second day in a row that I’ve received an emergency alert text message issuing a heatwave advisory. But rather than stay cooped up inside our air-conditioned apartment all weekend, we set out to try three foods that are known for providing relief from the summer heat. Continue reading