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Korea’s past and present mingle at Mu-A

20 Sep

Jong-ro, the neighborhood located northwest of Banwoldang Subway Station in downtown Daegu, is an interesting intersection of old and new. The buildings are older and the streets are quieter, removed from the blaring music, cell phone shops and cosmetic stores of Dongseong-ro. The area is home to an Oriental medicine market dating back to the Joseon dynasty and shops selling traditional Korean rice cakes as well as ultramodern department stores, cafes and Japanese restaurants frequented by young patrons.

A few blocks north of Donga Department Store is Mu-A, a hansik restaurant and dessert café that reflects Jong-ro’s unique feel. Mu-A’s design is undeniably modern, but its source of influence is unmistakably rooted in tradition. Continue reading

How to make deli-style dill pickles in your refrigerator

25 Jul

love pickles. There’s nothing like biting into a crunchy, briny spear with your sandwich or burger. Since I moved to South Korea, I’ve missed these deli-style dill pickles.

I’ve got nothing against Korean pickles but they’re a completely different flavor profile. Korean pickles Continue reading

A Marriage of Talents

24 Nov

Today I’m excited to introduce our friends Antwon and Marcia, two of the most creative and hardworking people I know. While living in Korea, they’ve tapped into and excelled at their passions — he as a photographer and she as a fashion designer. Earlier this year, Marcia helped me navigate the maze of stalls and alleys at Seomun Market, so that I could find the perfect lace for my wedding dress! Here’s their story.
Continue reading

Our first visitor from home!

18 Nov

Chris and I recently hosted a very special guest from America: my younger sister, Lindsey! She’d been wanting to visit since I first came to South Korea in 2012, so we were so happy to have her for 10 days in October! Here are some of the highlights of her trip. Continue reading

A ‘hobbit good time’ in Japan

9 Nov

You may remember that I actually traveled to Japan at this time last year. I had a great time, but, although I consider myself a seasoned solo traveler, I missed Chris. A lot. I kept thinking, ‘Chris would love this. This trip would be so much better if he were here.’ It was shortly after that trip that we finally started planning our wedding. 🙂

Chris had wanted to go to Japan since he was a kid, so last month we made it happen. Continue reading