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A week’s worth of lunches: Delivery food in South Korea

9 Aug

Hey guys! How’s your week going? I’m excited to be wrapping up summer classes this week. I’m so ready to be done teaching six days a week, and my students and I are looking forward to a little break!

The best thing about working longer hours is the food! Lunch is provided during camp, so my boss orders something different every day for delivery and the teachers eat together between our morning and afternoon classes. Here’s what a week’s worth of lunches looks like. Continue reading

9 Helpful Apps to Download in South Korea

26 Jul

So you’re packing your bags for South Korea. Passport? Check. Travel adapter? Check. Deodorant? Double check. Smartphone apps? You’ve come to the right place!

In recent years, I’ve made it a point to research helpful apps whenever I’m preparing for a trip. Downloading them ahead of time is so much less stressful than frantically looking for WiFi after you arrive. Here are nine apps that I use on a regular basis. Whether you’re traveling to South Korea for a year-long stay or doing a fly-by weekend in Seoul, I hope this list comes in handy! Continue reading

What Interjections Sound Like in English and Korean

21 Aug

I’ve always had an appreciation for colorful language: idioms, proverbs, slang, regional dialects. They’re proof that language is about more than communicating; it’s about sharing something — a history, a wink, common ground. Studying Korean has been a challenge, but learning these little nuggets make me feel a little less like an outsider.

My friend and language exchange partner, Hui-yeong, and I love to compare common proverbs in English in Korean. For example, the Korean version of “The grass is always greener on the other side” is Continue reading

Teaching English in South Korea: My Experience So Far

13 Aug

I’m often asked how I got into teaching English in South Korea. As a senior in college, my roommate was an international student from Incheon. Mil-al and I became close friends. My family welcomed her home for Thanksgiving, and she taught me about Korea. The first Korean words I learned were Continue reading


1 Jul

I suppose this post is a little late, but I celebrated my 27th birthday last Wednesday. Last weekend, my college roommate and dear friend, Mil-Al, came down to Daegu from Incheon. Her birthday is June 28, so we celebrated together. It was a weekend full of good eats. On Saturday, we started our night out at this barbeque restaurant near Samdeok Fire Station. On Sunday, my lovely friend Jin-Ah cooked us a birthday feast, which was followed up by a chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cake. Continue reading